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Published on December 10, 2010 By M-Post In Life Journals

Today my grandmother died.

She had been on the decline for a good long while.  Alzheimer's disease was sadly a prevalent part of the decline. It's very hard to see a woman who is so strong and such a great character decline in this fashion.

She was known for her craft work, and basically her love of creating anything with her hands.  Needlepoint, quilting, basket weaving, and even some woodwork were her favorite hobby's, and she was definitely quite talented at it. 

She will always be remembered by me for the random, but great advice she would give.  See, my grandma was a very proper, well-spoken English woman.  She had the full accent and all, for not having been in England much of her life I was impressed how she kept it.  We would be sitting around the table at a meal, or after a meal.. I remember at one point the whole table is basically talking to me about how to keep women happy etc, the normal stuff that you might try to talk to a older teenager about.  Most of the table was doing the easy (but very viable) advice of paying attention to them, doing the small things... Then this very proper British lady just breaks out with;  "Bah, that is all hogwash, the real way to please a woman is to find the clitorous!"  Great amounts of laughter were had that day.

She was known for those random pieces of advice, normally either very dirty, or just very crass, stuff you wouldn't expect from a lady of her age or background.


She had a great sense of humor, a wonderful laugh, and a very nice smile.  She was a wonderful woman, a great mother, Grandmother, and woman all around.  I will always miss her and love her.

on Dec 13, 2010

She does sound special!  I am sorry for you and your family's loss.  But Alzheimer's steals people from us before their time.  It is one of the nastiest things to get for that reason.