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Published on December 8, 2010 By M-Post In Life Journals

My wife has a way (she's talented) of showing me just how wrong I am in what I think all the time.  Probably one of the things I love most about her.


That being said.. I've been humbled a lot tonight.  Things have changed in our relationship... well not changed.  The situation has been there the whole time I've just never fully accepted it I guess.  So now here I am trying to wrap my head around it finally.  I guess I have just lied to myself about it.. tried to ignore it, or just hoped it would go away.  Wisful thinking is just that though, wishful and normally doesn't happen that way.

So now my marriage hangs on how I come around on this.  One way divorce, the other is we stay together.  It's a hard decision for me though.  I have to figure out if I can live with it and her, or without her.  I don't want to live without her, I love her dearly and madly, but I don't know if i can come to fully accept this.


No, I'm not asking for any advice whatsoever, which is why I didn't say what the decision is about, nor will I say why we are at this crossroads.  It's a very personal thing, and not something I'm going to advertise.  I am only writing this to put some thoughts out in text.  I am only posting this for my own (hopeful) good.

on Dec 08, 2010

Hope it helps to know someone in cyber space has read you and is wishing you the best.

on Dec 08, 2010

Thanks, I do appreciate the good thoughts

on Dec 09, 2010

You were sufficiently oblique about it.  Whatever your choice and path, best of luck to you and your wife.

It is times like this when I am reminded of the line - "Letters are written, never meaning to send".  I have written a few in my life as well.  The purpose of the letter is not to tell anyone anything - but to tell you or let you get your thoughts down so you can then make better decisions.