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Published on December 4, 2010 By M-Post In Life Journals

Well, I guess I should write something.

I honestly don't know if what I'm going to type out will make any sense or not.  I'm just sitting here with a blank screen seeing if maybe I start putting my words to the page they will start to make sense in my own head.  I'm sorry for all of you out there who will pull up this article and realize it's a waste of time.  This post isn't for anyone else, and I don't care if anyone reads.. I just guess I might need to push some thoughts out of my head and see if it helps me any.  Maybe it'll help me get my head cleared up a bit?

It's been a long long time since I posted.  And of course with long gaps of time comes a lot of changes.  I of course have a lot of big changes happening all at once.  

Last month now, just over 2 weeks ago was my last day in the Navy.  I'm now a civilian.  Hopefully soon I will find out about a job opening.  I definately need it.  Right now my living situation is in flux, I'm not sure where I'm staying.. I'm lucky enough to have friends willing to keep me in but that's about the end of my luck right now.  

Things with the wife are rocky atm as well.  I don't much like airing my personal problems with someone else out in a public airspace so that's about the most we'll touch that subject.

So i'm looking for jobs.. hoping the MSC job comes through, or the EcoLab.  Hoping once that is figured out I can find a steady spot to live.  With the steady spot maybe figure out what is going on with the wife and I.  Boy do I wish I could even figure out what my head was thinking when it comes to the wife and I... I'm pretty confused still on that and have had a good few days to think about it.  I guess hard decisions take time though... and maybe will be a decision that has no 'good/bad' answer too it.


Well for those of you crazy enough to have read all of this good luck in your daily en-devours.  I hope all is well in the world outside my window.

on Dec 04, 2010

Hey M!  Good to see you, though I wish it were under better circumstances for you.  Did you have a job lined up before you quit the Navy? 

Hope things work out with the wife.  When a breadwinner is unemployed, it has to be very difficult for everyone. 

on Dec 06, 2010

M, read BigFatDaddy's blog.  He is retired military, and has written a lot about his experiences throughout his career.  It might give you some insight.

Sorry to hear about the domestic issues.  best of luck and please keep writing.

on Dec 06, 2010

I appreciate the comments from both of ya.  I've been an very adament reader of BigFatDaddy so i've already gotten a good bit of insight from him.


hope things stay well with both of you two