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Published on February 1, 2010 By M-Post In Just Hanging Out

Ahhh  Buddy... Where to begin...

It's been a crazy week for me to start.  Monday I was told I'm being shipped to Miami to help out with the Haiti relief.. on Wednesday, which then promptly changed to Tuesday...   So i fly out on Tuesday, miss my connection flight in DC, spend the night there, then fly to Miami on Wednesday.  When I get there no one at all has a clue who I am supposed to work for, or where I'm supposed to go.  My hotel reservations had gotten canceled due to me showing up a day late, and all sorts of BS went wrong with the whole trip.  I finally find another Navy guy who was willing to house me for the night.

So come Thursday morning we head to the command and they finally figure out who I'm supposed to work for, but turns out they requested someone with Top Secret Clearance.. and since I only ahve Secret clearance, i was sent back to Norfolk the same day.. Fun fun stuff...

A lot more has been going on but I think I might save that for another blog...    Though see'ing as how I don't blog all that often I might just do it right after this one.. heh

on Feb 01, 2010

I thought only the army was that SNAFUED!  LOL

Good to see you posting.  Keep us up to date on your traveling.  Sounds like you are in for a lot of it!

on Feb 01, 2010

Nope, as I said I'm back in Norfolk.. back on the ship with no travel in mind.. just the yards.. building the ship back up.. LoL

a Lot of good work happening though.. but no new cruise until 2011