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but not home yet...
Published on August 1, 2009 By M-Post In Life Journals

January 27th, started this nice 7 month long deployment.  We're still not back yet even...


I have literally been halfway across the world now though   As I speak I'm sitting in Spain right now... nice to travel


I've seen The Canary Islands, Plymoth England, Naples Italy, Askaz Turkey, Limasol Cyprus, Maldives, Changi Singapore, Phuket Thailand, Djibouti, Civitavecchia Italy, Valencia Spain, and to our current port in Spain... next port is the home port and it'll be the sweetest one

Once I find a good place to upload some pic's I'll post em up if anyone cares but probably won't be on the top of my list of things to do once I get back.  Spending time with the wife is #1 on the list right now.


Hope you all are doing well.



on Sep 02, 2009

Well love, I care, but I've seen the pictures.

And home port is always the sweetest, no matter how dark the skies get. I love you.