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Published on August 15, 2008 By M-Post In Life Journals

Some days I just need to let out steam... some days the shit piles up so high that i can't even see the top of the pile....


I've failed 3 pfa's since joining the Navy... 2 of which I can argue.. since the first one I passed but they have my physical part as a no show instead of any scores..


The second, yes I failed, I admit that. was overweight...


The third.... well this is a good one.. I originally thought I passed the weigh in... I was told I passed the taping standards... So I ran the PRT like normal... 12:00 mile and a half and soemthing like 60/60 pushups/situps...  (not those exact numbers but close and more than normal passing numbers)

Then i come to learn.. they didn't record my scores... 3 weeks later.. after i'd let myself go...Now I have to let you know that I don't claim it's not my fault at all in any of this... I know if I'd not kept myself close to standards I'd be ok... but when they retaped me to fill in the blank of the number that wasn't filled in from the original weigh in (oh did i mention the guy forgot to fill that one blank in for body fat?) I came in 1% over... #3....  3 tries and your out in the military..

Now I'm set up for Admin sep.. I'm doing everytihng I can to fight it, though there isn't much at all i can do... the sad part is that every time I'd make the PRT scores easily enough just not high enough to compensate for the BCA section of the PFA... 


So I'm fighting it how I can, though it's not much at all.  I may stay in, I may not... a lot going on in my life right now..  truth be I'm in a way excited about the prospect of getting out of the service just as I am pissed about it too..


See, I can see the 2nd being me, that was all me... I can even say the 3rd failure was mine, because I didn't check the guy to make sure he wrote down the numbers... but the first I know I ran it, I know I passed and that's what pisses me off...


Nothing much I can do about that though.. at the time it didn't seem important and now it's biting me in the ass and I may soon be a civilian again.  least I get an honorable discharge so that this won't hurt me realy.  I can pull some good jobs off of this.

So now I'm just bidding my time... doing what I have to do on the boat to check out and wait on a 'chance' of an admin review board (since I'm not long enough in years or rank to be entitled to one just hope for one)...  if I don't get one I'm out.. if I do I have a chance....




on Aug 16, 2008
LOL, I read this to my husband, and he said, "What's he doing *letting himself go*?"

Good luck with it. Hope you get to stay in if that's what you want. Otherwise, enjoy becoming a civilian. How long do you have before you have an answer and before you're separated?
on Aug 16, 2008

I probably won't learn anything until about the 5th-15th of next month and after learning won't have much time at all to get out.. LoL  I might learn about getting a board before that and if so that board won't be until mid september.  I love how they rush to take their time sometimes... LoL

on Aug 16, 2008

If you want to stay in, get a lawyer.  If you want to get out, do nothing.  I hope it all works out for you.